Mastercard Betting Sites

    Guide to Mastercard betting sites and bookmakers accepting Mastercard deposits online. Choose from the best Indian online betting sites.

    Mastercard Betting Sites

    Mastercard is a world-renowned credit and debit card provider and finance company. It is a payment method widely accepted on Indian online betting sites

    As a globally recognised finance provider, customers can make payments to Indian betting platforms safely and securely with Mastercard. It also runs quick transfers between accounts via online banking.

    In recent years, Mastercard has become compatible with online and mobile e-wallets, offering more fluid financial options for Indian bettors.  

    Best Mastercard Betting Sites

    Mastercard is one of the most reliable and efficient payment providers for Indian betting sites. It is available on almost every established Indian bookmaker, along with the less well-known online sportsbooks and casinos.

    Indian bettors can withdraw and deposit funds securely and quickly and bet on sports such as cricket, football and tennis. 

    How to Use Mastercard

    Due to its worldwide availability and reputation as a trusted finance provider, Mastercard is a trusted choice for many bettors.  

    Mastercard has an easy download app for most mobile devices, including Apple, Android and tablets. The app provides access to internet banking and safe transfers, allowing Indian bettors to move funds between accounts with ease.

    To deposit and withdraw via Mastercard, download the app. Then, log in using your chosen credentials, and you can access Mastercard accounts. Customers can also use the app to link Mastercard accounts with digital financial services and e-wallets. 

    Deposit with Mastercard

    Depositing funds to a selected Indian bookmaker can be completed safely and quickly with a few simple steps. 

    Follow the guide below to deposit funds from any Mastercard account.

    1.Open your chosen Indian bookmaker and select the deposit page.
    2.Choose the debit or credit card option, making sure Mastercard is available.
    3.Select amount to deposit. Then enter the Mastercard credit card account number and three-digit security number.
    4.Confirm on the Mastercard app or via online banking.

    History of Mastercard

    Mastercard first launched under the name Interbank Card Association (ICA) in 1966. The ICA was set up by several banks who wanted to compete with the BankAmericard, later known as Visa.

    The ICA launched the credit card, Master Charge: The Interbank Card. Within two years, the Interbank Card started to reach global markets. By the 1970s, the Interbank Card partnered with banks in Mexico, Europe, and Japan, and it was rebranded to MasterCard in 1979.

    Since then, MasterCard has become a global leader in financial services for customers. The company now partners with over 22,000 banks worldwide and has invested in cashless technology in recent years. In 2020, the company was reportedly worth $6.3 trillion. 

    Mastercard FAQs

    Do Indian online betting sites accept Mastercard?

    Yes. Most established and up and coming Indian betting sites accept Mastercard.

    What is Mastercard?

    Mastercard is a global financial service that provides credit, debit and prepaid cards to customers.

    Is Mastercard safe to use on betting sites?

    Yes. Mastercard has several verification services to keep customer’s money safe. Passcodes and identification confirmation are required when making transfers to betting sites.