Betting by Sports

    Betting by Sports

    Guide to the leading Indian sports betting sites and online bookmakers. Desibets provides the best sites to bet with on cricket, football and kabaddi.

    Betting by Sports

    India may not have the same sports culture as some of the European countries, but there is no dearth of passion. The Indian public follows their sports very passionately with football, kabaddi, badminton, tennis and basketball almost part of their daily routine. The icing on the cake though is cricket, which is probably one sport that every Indian follows.

    What about the popularity when it comes to betting? The most popular sports to bet on, vary from country to country, although football is the most popular one.

    When it comes to Indians, it probably isn’t top of the games they follow, but is surely top of the sports they bet on. The English Premier League is one of the most popular leagues followed in India, with the Spanish La Liga and Italian Serie A combined with continental competitions like the UEFA Champions League very popular.

    Most popular sport - Cricket

    At par with football, or perhaps slightly edging it out, is Cricket. Indians are very passionate about cricket and it is a running joke that every Indian is an armchair critic. They have an opinion on everything that’s cricket and it extends to betting too. Thanks to our expert opinions and previews covering every cricket match, you don’t have to be an expert to back a winner!

    Apart from the bilateral series, the key tournaments followed by the Indians are the Asia Cup, the Champions Trophy, and the ICC tournaments in the ODI World Cup and T20 World Cup to name a few. Then there’s the little matter of T20 franchise leagues! The very popular Indian Premier League is followed religiously in India and forms the core of every betting enthusiast’s notebook.

    List of Indian Betting Sites

    The list of licensed bookmakers around the world is an extensive list that is growing every day. When it comes to India, it is more or less the same with an ever-growing list of bookmakers. 

    Some of these are better than the others and although we have our favourites, we try to keep our rationale in suggesting the best sites. 

    We make sure to put in front of you a list of top betting sites in India, which will make it easier for you to pick your choice.

    Top Indian Betting Sites & Apps

    • Stake
    • Bet365
    • Betway
    • 1xbet
    • Melbet
    • Parimatch
    • Paripesa
    • Sky 247
    • BetWinner
    • 10Bet

    Other popular sports

    Other popular sports to bet include Kabaddi, which is part of India’s rural fabric. Played extensively all over the country, this is one sport that has been dominated for decades by India. It is only after the advent of the Kabaddi Premier League that countries like Iran have started targeting their dominance. The success of Kabaddi Premier League makes it the second-most popular sport and that extends to the betting trends as well.

    Following these sports closely are the likes of badminton, tennis and basketball. India is one of the rising stars in badminton and that has increased the level of interest among the public. Although there aren’t many successful individual players in Tennis from India, the sport remains hugely popular. Especially during the four Grand Slams that take place every year – the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open.

    Basketball is another sport that is increasingly becoming popular among Indian sports lovers. The hugely successful NBA is appealing to the Indians, with the matches beamed live early every day during the regular season. This makes the NBA tournament one of the most closely followed competitions in the betting market.

    All in all, India is a top destination for all sporting events with cricket being the top of the pile. We at Desibets take our India focus strongly and cover all the sporting events very closely.