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    Looking for Jhandi Munda Casino Sites? Use the Desibets.com guide to the best online casinos in India to play Jhandi Munda and the bonuses available.

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    Play Online Jhandi Munda in India

    Jhandi Munda is a traditional Indian dice gambling game, which is also known as Langur Burja or Crown and Anchor. Traditionally, it’s a street game, and still today, you can see many Jhandi Munda games being played, particularly in northern India. However, for this guide, we’re focusing on online Jhandi Munda.

    You’ll learn about the basics of Langur Burja and how the game works on the internet. We’ll also highlight the advantages of playing online and provide a list of recommended Jhandi Munda casino sites and mobile apps. 

    How to Play Jhandi Munda

    Like many of the best gambling games, Jhandi Munda is delightfully straightforward. It’s played with six dice. However, instead of having numbers on the dice, they have six unique symbols which represent hearts, diamonds, spades, clubs, faces and flags. 

    1. Load Jhandi Munda on your device. There are desktop and mobile versions available, so all players can join the action.
    2. On the betting screen, click on the chips to the amount you want to wager on the game. There will be a minimum and maximum betting limit to comply with.
    3. Next, tap on the symbol you want to bet on. You can bet on more than one symbol if you choose, but be aware of your total bet cost and the potential returns.
    4. Tap the play button to roll the dice.
    5. The result is announced, and winning bets are paid according to the paytable.

    Jhandi Munda Paytable

    The symbol (or symbols) with the highest or equal highest number of appearances wins the round. 
    • 1 symbol - 1x payout. 
    • 2 symbols - 2x payout. 
    • 3 symbols - 3x payout.
    • 4 symbols - 4x payout.
    • 5 symbols - 5x payout.
    • 6 symbols - 6x payout.

    For only one symbol to win, it means that one of each symbol (1 heart, 1 diamond, 1 spade, 1 club, 1 face and 1 flag) were rolled. Therefore, 1 is the equal highest.

    3-Dice Jhandi Munda

    While researching the best Jhandi Munda casinos in India, we encountered a second variation that’s played with only three dice instead of six, like the traditional game. The symbols on the dice are the same, and the method of gameplay is identical, too.

    The payouts are different. Firstly, the maximum is 3 to 1. Also, with this game, players win if the symbol they bet on appears - it doesn’t have to be the highest or equal-highest appearing symbol. 

    For example, if you bet on hearts, and the roll was 1 heart and 2 flags, you still get a 1x payout on the heart. In a traditional game, you wouldn’t win like this.

    • Three matches pays 3:1
    • Two matches pays 2:1
    • One match pays 1:1
    • Zero matches lose

    Although this is a basic variant, which makes it appealing to first-time players, the RTP is only 92.14%, which is far less than the main bets in sic bo and craps. Therefore, we advise playing 6-dice Jhandi Munda as that offers an RTP of around 96% - 97%.

    Advantages of Playing Jhandi Munda Online

    Street Jhandi Munda has its place in India’s rich history, and playing online cannot replicate the truly authentic flavour of the game. But, there are certain advantages to playing over the internet, including:

    • When playing online, you have no worries about collecting your winnings. The casino guarantees it will pay out your bets according to the paytable. Sometimes street Jhandi Munda operators may try to cheat a player out of their money, particularly if the player is on a hot streak.
    • If you want to play for free, you can do this online. Many players use free games to learn and improve before moving onto real money Jhandi Munda.
    • Online games tend to offer a range of tables with different betting limits. This means you can play for fun and only bet 100 rupees or go to a high roller table if you want to wager big money.
    • Most Jhandi Munda games are mobile-friendly. This allows players to enjoy a game wherever and whenever they choose.
    • A popular way to play online is live Jhandi Munda. These games have a host, and hundreds of players can play at the same time. There are also chat tools, which allow you to interact with the host and other players.
    • You can use casino bonuses to boost your bankroll so that you can play more games (or bet higher stakes). We can guarantee that you won’t get any such bonus offers playing on the street.

    Jhandi Munda Strategy

    Jhandi Munda is essentially a guessing game. The player has no control over what dice symbols will appear. With that said, the Desibets team has collected some tips to help improve your gameplay.

    Hot / Cold Symbols

    Online games show a history of the 10 - 100 games, so players can easily see which symbols have appeared the most (hot) and those which haven’t come up too often (cold). Some players feel that ‘cold’ symbols are due to come up, but this is a common gambler fallacy. Every round is completely independent of the game before and the game after. The dice have no memory. Of course, over the lifetime of the game, each symbol will appear an equal number of times, but 100 games is too short to provide an accurate metric.

    Manage your bankroll

    You can go several rounds of Jhandi Munda and not win. Therefore, bankroll management is vital to extend your time at the table. We believe a slot game strategy is best. In this case, you’ll divide your budget by 50, and that will be your stake per round.

    Remember the casino holds the advantage

    The operator - whether it’s a person on the street or a casino - holds an advantage. Over the long term, they will end up winning more money than they lose. What does this tell us? If you hit a lucky streak and win a few thousand rupees, it’s wise to walk away from the table. In short, quit while you’re ahead and before the house edge comes back to beat you.


    What are the other names of Jhandi Munda?

    Although it’s popular name in India is Jhandi Munda, it’s also known as Langur Burja. Additionally, we have seen it called Crown and Anchor at some online casino sites, as well.

    Is it legal to play real money Jhandi Munda online?

    While the Indian Government restricts gambling on games of chance like Jhandi Munda, it’s still accepted for offshore casinos to offer this game to Indian players unless they reside in a state that has forbidden online gambling.