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    Looking for Keno Casino Sites? Use the guide to the best online casinos in India to play Keno and the bonuses available.

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    Best Online Keno Sites

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    Best Keno Casinos in India

    Keno is a fast and fun lotto-style casino game that is popular at land-based venues and online. It’s appealing to all types of players as it’s easy to play, and the potential payouts are some of the largest in the casino.

    While the basics of how to play keno are extremely straightforward, there are several things to consider before jumping in with real money, which this keno guide will cover. In addition, the Desibets team has scoured the online gambling market in India to find the best keno casinos where you can enjoy a variety of video and live keno games on mobiles, tablets and desktops.

    How to Play Keno

    Many of the industry’s leading software providers, such as Playtech, Microgaming and Play’n GO, have developed online keno games over the years. This means that there’s a multitude of variants available to play at most casinos. 

    Although each game will have its own rules and payouts, the gameplay element remains consistent. Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how video keno is played.

    • Most keno games use 80 numbers (1 to 80). The numbers are called ‘spots’. In live keno games, numbered balls are used - just like a lottery. 
    • The player chooses between 1 and 10 spots, although there are keno games in which you can select up to 15 or 20 spots. Playing online, you pick your numbers simply by clicking on them.
    • Next, the player stakes the bet. The payouts are multiplied by the amount staked, so it’s tempting to bet big, but this should depend on your bankroll.
    • Online video keno games use random number generator (RNG) software. When the player hits the ‘Play’ button, 20 spots are randomly drawn in quick succession. Any matching numbers (between those drawn and the player’s picks) are automatically crossed off the virtual keno card.
    • After the draw, the player can see if they’ve won - and if so, how much. The payouts depend on how many spots the player chose and how many matching spots they got. 

    Keno Payouts

    Knowing the payouts of any casino game is vital, but more so with keno than most others. The reason is two-fold. Nearly every game has its own paytable, with some wide differences between the RTPs of each variant. 
    Also, within the game, the number of spots played has its own return to player (RTP) value. As such, there is an optimal number to choose. 

    Below is the paytable from Microgaming’s Keno. This variant lets players pick 1 - 15 spots. We’ve included the minimum and maximum payouts along with the expected returns based on an infinite number of games.

    No. of spots chosenMinimum payoutMaximum payoutReturns
    3x for matching 1 spot  3x for matching 1 spot75.00%
    1x for matching 1 spot 9x for matching 2 spots 92.09%
    1x for matching 1 spot 16x for matching 3 spots 93.04%
    0.5x for matching 1 spot 12x for matching 4 spots 93.79%
    0.5x for matching 1 spot 50x for matching 5 spots 93.87%
    0.5x for matching 1 spot 75x for matching 6 spots 93.79%
    0.5x for matching 1 spot 100x for matching 7 spots 94.15%
    0.5x for matching 1 spot 720x for matching 8 spots 92.90%
    0.5x for matching 1 spot 1200x for matching 9 spots 93.43%
    10 0.5x for matching 2 spots 1800x for matching 10 spots 94.54%
    11 0.5x for matching 2 spots 3000x for matching 11 spots 93.10%
    120.5x for matching 3 spots 4000x for matching 12 spots 94.22%
    13 0.5x for matching 3 spots 6000x for matching 13 spots 94.90%
    14 0.5x for matching 3 spots 7500x for matching 14 spots 94.27%
    15 0.5x for matching 3 spots 10000x for matching 15 spots 94.39%

    As the table shows, the optimal bet is to choose 13 spots. Its RTP is 94.90%, which is on par with many online slots. The bet you want to avoid is only choosing 1 spot at the RTP drops down to 75%.

    Keno Tips and Strategies

    Keno is a simple game of chance. There’s no skill involved in picking the numbers, and the player has no control over the spots that will be drawn. With that said, here are some keno tips that we’ve collected from experienced players.

    • Play the optimal spot number (or close to it) - don’t give the casino easy money by placing bets with a high house edge. Check the payable and see what the best number of spots is to play.
    • Consider using a betting strategy - many players like to increase the size of their bets after landing a win, and decrease them if they lose. This is a very simple betting strategy that is profitable if the player hits a hot streak. 
    • Utilise casino bonuses - as the RTP of keno is less than blackjack and roulette, most casinos allow their bonuses to be used on this game. Therefore, if you claim a 100% matched deposit, you can play twice as many games.
    • Manage your bankroll - the chances of matching 10 or more spots are pretty slim. This is why you want to manage your bankroll to squeeze as many games as possible from your budget. You can still use a simple betting strategy while doing this.

    Popular Online Keno Games

    The casino’s software partners determine the exact keno variants available at each site. Most casinos offer a selection of video keno games, and a few sites also have live dealer keno. Some of the most popular variations include:

    • Power Keno
    • Monkey Keno
    • Caveman Keno
    • Balloon Game Keno
    • Super Keno
    • Cleopatra Keno
    • Bonus Spot Keno
    • Extra Draw Keno
    • Davinci Diamonds Keno
    • Ultimate X Keno

    Keno FAQ

    Can I get rich playing online keno?

    It is possible to win very large payouts - up to 10,000x your stake - playing online keno. However, the chances of hitting the jackpot can be millions to one, so always gamble responsibly.

    Can I play keno on a mobile?

    Yes, most keno games are mobile-friendly. The user interface is slightly different to desktop keno, but the games are just as exciting.

    What are the best keno numbers?

    There are no ‘best’ numbers to pick. Keno is a chance game and the odds of any number being drawn are the same.