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    • Online Rummy Guide
    • Indian Rummy rules
    • Rummy hands & jokers
    • Pure & impure sequences
    • How to play rummy
    • Why Play Rummy Online
    • Tips for New Rummy Players

    Online Rummy Guide

    Rummy is, without question, the most popular card game in India. In fact, it’s played so much that there is a specific variant called Indian Rummy. You’ll often see rummy games taking place at weddings, family gatherings and simply between friends in cafes. 

    However, over the past decade, rummy has found a new home - on the internet. This has led to a surge of new players wanting to play real money games.

    This guide will cover the basics of how to play online rummy. We’ll explain the specific terminology, along with the rules and scoring. Whether you’re a newcomer or simply someone that wants to brush up on the game, this Desibets rummy page is right for you.

    Indian Rummy rules

    Each variant of rummy comes with slightly different rules. We will look at Indian Rummy as that’s the game you’re most likely to come across. The good news is that once you understand one variation, it’s easy to pick up other forms of rummy.

    • Number of players: typically, between two and six can play Indian Rummy. There are RNG games available online, which are played against the computer. Effectively, with these games, the computer performs the part of the second player.
    • Number of decks: depending on the number of players, between one and three decks may be used. Most online games tend to use two decks, however.
    • Number of cards: players get dealt 13 cards each in Indian Rummy.

    Rummy hands & jokers

    The two types of rummy hands are:

    • Runs: three or more cards in consecutive order from the same suit. For example, 4, 5, 6, and 7 (all hearts).
    • Sets: three or more cards with the same rank or value. For example, 9 of spades, 9 of hearts, 9 of clubs, and 9 of diamonds.

    Indian Rummy uses the joker cards, too. Players can use jokers to complete a run or set.

    Pure & impure sequences

    To win a game of Indian Rummy, a player needs at least two runs, with one of them being ‘pure’.

    • Pure run: three or more cards in consecutive order from the same suit without a joker. 
    • Impure run: three or more cards in consecutive order from the same suit with a joker.

    How to play rummy

    When you know about runs and sets, and the rules about having at least one pure hand, you’re ready to start playing. However, rummy is a strategy game as you need to be aware of what cards players are picking up and which cards have been discarded. These are skills that improve the more you play.

    Here’s an example of a round of Indian Rummy:

    1. After receiving your 13 cards, sort them into possible runs and sets. When you play online, the cards are sorted for you.
    2. The undealt cards are placed in the middle of the table face-down (with the wild joker showing at the bottom). The top card is turned face-up and placed next to the deck.
    3. When it is your turn, you take the top card from either the face-down pile or the face-up pile. You must also discard one card, so you only hold 13 cards. When you discard a card, you put it on the face-up pile.
    4. Continue step 3 as you shape your hand forming sets and runs.
    5. When a player places a card face-down on the discard pile, it signals they have completed their hands.
    6. All cards are placed face-up on the table, and the winner’s hand is checked. 
    7. The points are calculated.

    Why Play Rummy Online

    Since the birth of online gambling, blackjack, baccarat and poker, have been the top card games. However, online rummy is now starting to challenge their dominance, particularly in the Indian subcontinent. Whichever variant of rummy you play, a thrilling and exciting gaming experience is assured. These are some of the advantages online rummy delivers.

    • Convenient: online rummy sites are operational 24/7, so you can play when it suits you. Whether you want to try a single-player RNG game or test yourself against other rummy enthusiasts, there’s always a table available for you.
    • Bonuses and promotions: there is an abundance of bonuses and promotions available to online players. Rummy sites usually offer welcome bonuses to new players, and you can claim regular offers too as you play.
    • Range of games: Indian Rummy is clearly the favourite version played in this country, but there are several other entertaining variants available online. These are all in the palm of your hand.
    • Social experience: Like Texas Hold’em Poker, most online rummy games are played with other real players. Essentially, the rummy website is just a platform that hosts the games. Players make a buy-in to join a game and when the required number of players join, the game begins. Playing with other rummy players means you can meet new people who share the same interest and make new friends.

    Tips for New Rummy Players

    With rummy being a game of skill and strategy, the best way to prepare yourself for real-money games is to play for free on the practice table. Most rummy websites offer free RNG rummy games, and these are a great place to learn and improve without risking any money.

    Once you decide to take the leap and start to play online rummy for real money, it’s imperative that you start off at the right level. If you play for high stakes, more often than not, the standard of the players will be top drawer. 

    This isn’t where you want to begin. Furthermore, consider your bankroll. Make your money last by playing low-limit games. That way, you can improve and hopefully build your bankroll at the same time.


    Is online rummy legal?

    Unlike slots, roulette and other casino games, the Supreme Court of India ruled rummy was a game of skill and not a game of chance like the aforementioned casino games. This means that it’s perfectly legal to play real money games online.

    Are online rummy games fair?

    The best way to check to find out if online rummy games are fair is to look at the site’s licenses. For the most part, the rummy website makes its money through buy-ins, so there is less incentive for these platforms not to be fair.

    Do I have to download an app to play online rummy?

    It is possible to play online rummy through a web browser, but using a native app improves the user experience, in our opinion. Apps have numerous other perks, including customisable pages and push notifications.