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    Best Deal or No Deal Live Casino Sites

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    India’s Best Deal or No Deal Live Casinos

    Deal or No Deal was a hugely popular TV show in many countries, running from 2005 - 2019. Aiming to cash in on the show’s success, Evolution Gaming developed a casino variant - Deal or No Deal Live.

    This guide will take you through the various stages of how to play Deal or No Deal online, and we’ll highlight the potential payouts. Of course, if you simply want to dive in and start playing immediately, you can browse through our selection of India’s best Deal or No Deal Live casinos right here.

    Deal or No Deal Live Review

    Deal or No Deal Live is another title within the increasingly popular game show vertical. While we applaud Evolution Gaming for developing such an innovative gaming experience, there are particular elements that Desibets feels could be improved upon. Let’s get stuck into our Deal or No Deal review to find out more.

    How to Play Deal or No Deal

    There are three stages to this game, which will certainly appeal to some players and not others.

    1. Qualification Process

    When you load Deal or No Deal on the device you are using, the first part of the game is the qualification process. This is a vault that has three independent circular sections within it. Then there is a marked area that unlocks the next stage. Players must choose their bet size and start spinning to try and align three gold sections in the marked area. To provide a helping hand, there are different modes you can choose:

    • Normal mode: offers no advantage to the player as all three cylinders are spun.
    • Easy mode: This mode locks one of the gold sections in the qualifying area, so you only need to land the other two. However, each spin costs x3 your normal mode bet size.
    • Very easy mode: This locks two gold sections in the qualifying area, but each spin costs x9 your initial wager size.

    It’s important to note that the size of your base wager during the qualification process is directly related to how much money is put in each briefcase. The amounts are as follows:

    10  10x
    11 12x
    12 15x
    13 20x
    14 25x
    15 50x
    16 65x - 500x

    2. Topping up the Briefcases

    Once you’ve qualified, you progress to the stage where you can top-up the briefcases in preparation for the live game. It is optional if you want to do this, but it does increase the potential payouts.

    All you have to do is click/tap on the briefcase you want to top-up, select your bet size and then spin the Top Up Wheel. You are able to continuously repeat this process until the time on the clock runs out. 

    3. The Live Deal or No Deal Game

    Finally, we’ve reached the main event. We go to the Deal or No Deal studio with the game’s host. One briefcase is placed on the front table, with the other 15 briefcases stacked in rows behind. The objective is to win the money in the last briefcase (the one on the table) or take the Banker’s offer. 

    • Three briefcases are opened by the assistant to reveal their number. These cases are then removed from the prize board.
    • The Banker makes their first offer. Players can ‘Deal’, which is to accept the offer, or ‘No Deal’ and continue playing.
    • This same process is repeated as more cases are opened.
    • When you get to the last two briefcases, the Banker makes their final offer. It’s also possible to swap the cases if you want.
    • The player makes their final decision - either accept the offer, or open the briefcase on the table.
    • The payouts are made and the game returns to the qualification stage.

    Deal or No Deal Live Strategy

    While conducting this Deal or No Deal review, we found that different players have their own strategy and there’s no conclusive method to play the game to guarantee big wins each time you play. These are some tips we can share from our personal experience of Deal or No Deal.

    • The qualification process can eat away at your bankroll because you pay for every spin. Therefore, it’s worth trying the other modes to fast track you into stage 2.
    • There doesn’t seem to be that much value in betting big during the qualification stage, as you can top-up the value of the briefcases in the next stage. 
    • Depending on your bankroll, it’s worth topping up more than one briefcase to give you more options in the main game. This also helps to increase the offer from the Banker.
    • If at any stage, the Banker’s offer is twice the amount you’ve wagered on the round, you should seriously consider taking it.
    • Holding out for the last box to be a big win is risky.

    Need more information about Deal or No Deal Live? Check out our FAQ section below.


    Can you play Deal or No Deal Live on a mobile?

    You most certainly can. Evolution Gaming offers this game on all platforms - desktops, tablets and mobiles.

    What is the Return to Player of Deal or No Deal Live?

    Evolution states that the optimal RTP is 95.42% for the entire game. When you consider roulette is 97.30% and blackjack is 99%, Deal or No Deal doesn’t provide the greatest value.

    How many spins does it take to qualify?

    You could qualify on your very first spin or it might take twenty or more spins to qualify. What’s important is that you note down how much you spend on stages one and two, so you know what prize to aim for in the main game.