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    Best Live Monopoly Casinos - 2024

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    Best MONOPOLY Live Casinos in India

    Since being launched in 2019, Evolution Gaming’s MONOPOLY Live has won multiple casino and live casino awards. The game has a huge following of loyal players in the UK, Europe, Scandinavia and Canada, and now many players in India are enjoying it, too. 

    MONOPOLY Live Review

    As the live casino game show vertical continues to grow, this MONOPOLY Live review takes a close-up look at this game, which has proven to be a player-favourite all over the world. In this guide, we’ll not only run through how to play MONOPOLY Live, we also check out the paytable and reveal the best MONOPOLY Live strategy.

    How to Play MONOPOLY Live

    For the most part, MONOPOLY Live is a game of chance, so there isn’t much to learn before you can start playing. Essentially, it is a game of two parts - the base game money wheel and the Mr MONOPOLY bonus feature.

    Most of your time spent playing MONOPOLY Live is on the giant money wheel. If you’ve played Evolution's Dream Catcher in the past, you’ll be familiar with the set-up here. Streamed from a custom-made studio; the six-foot-high, vertically-mounted wheel is the centrepiece. The wheel has 54 segments offering different prizes and multipliers; they are:

    • 22 segments with a 1x win multiplier
    • 15 segments with a 2x win multiplier
    • 7 segments with a 5x win multiplier
    • 4 segments with a 10x win multiplier
    • 3 segments with 2 rolls in the bonus game
    • 1 segment with 4 rolls in the bonus game
    • 2 segments with Chance Cards

    The high-quality user interface - a hallmark of Evolution Gaming - is easy to navigate on any device. At the start of the game, the six betting options (those listed above except for Chance Cards) are displayed on the screen, and the player clicks/taps on the bets they want to make. There is also a ‘cover-all’ option, which guarantees a payout, although this will not always cover the cost of your stake.

    The Chance Cards may deliver 10x multipliers as well; however, after landing on Chance, the original bets remain, and you get a free respin. Back-to-back Chance Cards can multiply the multipliers. For example, if you get 10x Chance immediately followed by another 10x Chance, the payout on the next spin is 100x.

    MONOPOLY Live Bonus Round

    As much fun as the money wheel game is, the reason for playing MONOPOLY Live is to activate the bonus feature. This happens when the wheel stops on either 2 Rolls or 4 Rolls in the bonus game. Of course, you must have placed a bet on the correct one to participate; otherwise, you’ll simply be a spectator.

    Mr MONOPOLY Bonus Game

    Mr MONOPOLY, an augmented reality character, puts down his newspaper and jumps out of his seat in the studio when the bonus feature is triggered. The game then moves from the studio to a 3D MONOPOLY board with Mr MONOPOLY standing on GO. 

    Before the bonus games begin, houses and hotels are scattered on various properties around the board to increase the win multipliers. These are the features to look out for on the MONOPOLY Live board.

    • Standard properties, railway stations, utilities and free parking offer basic payouts.
    • Properties with houses and hotels have increased multipliers, with them getting larger as you go around the board.
    • You can win a prize or be hit with a penalty when landing on Chance or Community Chest.
    • Income Tax and Super Income Tax reduce your bonus winnings by 10% and 20%, respectively.
    • When you pass ‘GO’, all multipliers on the board are doubled.
    • Land on ‘Go to Jail’ requires a double to be thrown to get out.
    • If a double is thrown during the round (unless you’re in jail), you get an extra roll.

    MONOPOLY Live Payouts

    The payouts for the Mr MONOPOLY bonus game are variable as it depends on how many rolls you get and how the dice land. Needless to say, you generally need 4 Rolls, and hopefully get at least one double because the biggest payouts are when you land on Park Lane and Mayfair.

    In the money wheel game, the payout is the value of the multiplier times the player’s stake.

    1x multiplier 1:1
    2x multiplier 2:1
    5x multiplier 5:1
    10x multiplier 10:1
    Chance Card Up to 10x

    MONOPOLY Live Strategy

    There is no secret MONOPOLY Live strategy that will overcome the house edge, but we can share some important tips. Ultimately, all the massive wins come from the MONOPOLY Live bonus game. Of course, you can win a decent amount with the Chance Cards and the following respin, but the key is the bonus feature.

    With that in mind, the number one MONOPOLY Live strategy tip is to always bet on both 2 Rolls and 4 Rolls. If you don’t do this, then you might as well play Dream Catcher as the money payouts are better.

    As there are 54 segments on the MONOPOLY money wheel, and 4 of them trigger the bonus feature; it means on average, it should hit every 13 - 14 spins. This doesn’t mean you should totally ignore the basic multipliers as these can help to keep your balance topped up.

    On the user interface, there is a display for the last 32 spins. This allows you to see if the game is hot or cold. Of course, it’s totally random, and the result of the previous spin has no impact on the next spin. But, if you see that the bonus feature hasn’t been triggered for 30+ spins, you may get a lucky feeling that it’s overdue. 

    The thing is to bet smart and make your bankroll last until you get to the bonus game. This is where the small wins really help to keep you in the game.