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    Teen Patti

    Looking for Teen Patti Casino Sites? Use the Desibets.com guide to the best online casinos in India to play Teen Patti and the bonuses available.

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    India’s Best Teen Patti Casinos

    Alongside Rummy and Andar Bahar, Teen Patti is one of India’s most played card games. It originated in the Indian subcontinent, but is very similar to the English card game - 3-Card Brag, and also 3-Card Poker. 

    Online Teen Patti games offer several betting options, which do add a little extra spice with some stellar payouts. This comprehensive guide will tell you all there is to know about playing Teen Patti online. 

    You’ll learn how the gameplay works, the different bets, and the optimum strategy to use. We’ve also compiled a list of India’s best Teen Patti casinos where you can play live dealer games today. Take a look at the table above, compare the offers and choose where you want to play.

    Teen Patti Review

    The objective of Teen Patti is to have a 3-card hand that is stronger than the dealer’s hand, but the dealer only qualifies if they hold queen or higher. It is played using one standard 52-card deck that is shuffled after each round.

    With only 6 cards involved in a game (3 for the player and 3 for the dealer), it’s essentially a fast-paced heads-up poker shootout each hand that you play.

    How to Play Teen Patti

    Even if you’ve never played Teen Patti before, it’ll only take you a few minutes to get to grips with the rules and the flow of the game. The steps below will guide you through a complete round.

    1. To get involved in a game of Teen Patti online, you must place an ante bet. This has to be equal to - or greater than - the minimum table bet limit. You can also place any side bets you want to make at this point too.
    2. The dealer deals the player 3 cards that are all placed face-up. The dealer then deals him/herself 3 cards that are placed face-down.
    3. The player looks at the strength of their 3 cards and must decide whether to fold or play. 
    4. If they fold, then the ante bet is lost. However, the side bets are still active.
    5. If they play, then another bet equal to the ante is made.
    6. The dealer turns over his/her 3 cards. They need a queen or higher to qualify. The hands are compared, and if the player wins, the payouts are made according to the Teen Patti paytable.

    Teen Patti Hand Rankings

    The hand ranks for Teen Patti are very similar to regular poker, except that a straight is stronger than a flush. These are the seven possible hands in order from the strongest to the weakest.

    1. Mini Royal - ace, king and queen all from the same suit.
    2. Straight Flush - 3 cards in sequence all from the same suit.
    3. Three of a Kind - 3 cards of the same rank.
    4. Straight - 3 cards in sequence from mixed suits.
    5. Flush - any 3 cards from the same suit - not in sequence.
    6. Pair - 2 cards of the same rank
    7. High Card - a hand with no of the above combinations

    Teen Patti Payouts

    The payouts for live dealer Teen Patti can vary depending on the game provider. We have used Ezugi’s Teen Patti for this review.

    Standard Teen Patti bet

    Ante 1:1
    Play 1:1

    Ante bonus

    Hand rankingPayout
    Straight Flush or higher 5:1
    Three of a Kind 4:1
    Straight 1:1

    As mentioned, there are a few side bets you can wager on as well. They offer better payouts, but the odds of hitting them are longer. 

    Pair or better
    This side bet only uses the 3 cards that are dealt to the player.

    Hand ranking
    Mini Royal 100:1
    Straight Flush 40:1
    Three of a Kind  30:1
    Straight 5:1
    Flush 4:1
    Pair 1:1

    3+3 bonus
    This side bet pays out on the following hands. Both the player’s and dealer’s cards can be used. 

    Hand ranking 
    Royal Flush (5 cards) 1000:1
    Straight Flush (5 cards) 200:1
    Four of a Kind (4 cards) 100:1
    Full House (5 cards) 20:1
    Flush (5 cards) 15:1
    Straight (5 cards) 10:1
    Three of a Kind (3 cards) 7:1

    Teen Patti Strategy

    The strategy part of this game revolves around whether or not you should make the play bet. Of course, you must commit to the pot with the initial ante, but that wager has no relation to the Teen Patti strategy.

    It’s recommended that you should make the play bet if your hand is Queen - Six - Four or better. Anything less than that, and you should fold. By sticking to this strategy, the theoretical RTP is 96.63%, which is decent, although slightly less than European Roulette and Blackjack.

    As for the side bets based on the Ezugi paytable, the pair or better bet has an RTP of 95.51%, which is respectable for an optional bet. The 3+3 bonus side bet’s RTP is only 91.44%, however. Certainly, the payouts make the 3+3 look like an exciting wager, but it will drain your bankroll considerably if you play it all the time.

    Still looking for more information on Teen Patti? Check out our FAQs

    Teen Patti FAQs

    Do you have to bet the same amount on the side bets as the ante?

    No, you can bet any amount - between the minimum and maximum table limit - for the side bets. It doesn’t have to be identical to the ante.

    Can you beat Teen Patti?

    The casino holds a long term edge, but players do have winning sessions. Of course, you can try out a betting system. This will not alter the house edge, but it can help you manage your bankroll more astutely.

    Can you play free Teen Patti?

    Most casino Teen Patti games are live dealers, and these cannot be played for free. However, if you find an RNG Teen Patti game, you will be able to play that in demo mode.